Investigations into Rigpa


ADFI Investigation

ADFI is a French charity that collects information on cults and helps victims. Josephine CESBRON is in charge of the ADFI in Montpellier and she is collecting information on Rigpa to determine if they warrant cult status in France. Her email is:
Her investigation is not associated with the Police investigation (see below) or the defamation case Rigpa brought against her husband.

UK Charities Commission

The Charities Commission in London, who are the governing body of the Rigpa Charity, are currently investigating Rigpa following various complaints they have received. The Charities Commission provides a safe environment for you to make a complaint.
To help with their investigation, those who have either experienced OR witnessed any form of abuse in Rigpa (including any from management) should lodge a report with the Charities Commission.
They are taking the current investigation extremely seriously, and since Rigpa is an international organisation, they will take reports from beyond UK borders, which means that ANYONE FROM ANY COUNTRY CAN WRITE TO THEM.
For anyone who wants to send details of their personal experience, or any information they think might be useful, please use the following contact: FAO David Hughes-Jones / Rigpa Fellowship(279315). Email:
Details of protections in place for anyone reporting to them and how your information may be used can be found on their website, in particular, sections 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5.
These sections relate to how complaints should be reported, who else should be informed if your information concerns a crime and what they do with the material when they receive it.

French Police Investigation

French Police are gathering information from anyone who has been adversely affected by their time in Rigpa and who wishes to contribute, testify or lodge a formal complaint and obtain redress. This is primarily for French nationals but will also include anyone who has experienced abuse on French territory.
Contact:  Jean-Baptiste Cesbron:

An Olive Branch Healing & Reconciliation

Current and Former Members of the Rigpa US Sangha can contact Dr. Barbara Gray via email: You may request a private, confidential telephone interview or submit your personal experience via email message and make any requests you may have of the Rigpa US board.

Lewis Silken Investigation

This is the independent investigation paid for by Rigpa. The report was published in September 2018. Click the link to download the Lewis Silkin report.