Listening in Nature Meditation: A Simple and Effective Way to Be in the Moment

Nature meditation. I think most people probably find some kind of peace or spiritual inspiration in nature. Being in nature certainly makes meditation easier for me, and it has no religious overtones. Yay! That’s the kind of meditation I want! And there are many different ways to use nature as a spring board to a peaceful mind. Listening is just one of these forms, and it’s a lovely informal way of meditating.

Though when I first left Tibetan Buddhism, I couldn’t sit formally to meditate, I still found myself naturally doing this expansive listening as I walked in the forest. I’m lucky that I do have a peaceful forest close by to be able to do this in, but it can be done anywhere, anytime, even if you’re not in a peaceful situation. All sounds are, after all, just sounds. It’s only our mind that ascribes the concepts of peaceful or not peaceful to the sounds.

Of course, this listening-in-nature meditation is based on what I learned during my two decades of Buddhist study and practice. It’s also a kind of what some call ‘forest bathing’. For me, however, it’s really just what I do when I’m walking in the forest – at least when I’m not talking to myself!

Download my guided audio meditation practices here:

And for detailed instructions and written guided practices, see my book ‘How to Meditate Easily Effectively & Deeply.’

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Is there any form of meditation that you find yourself doing naturally, informally, without really trying? If so, please share it in the comments below.

2 Replies to “Listening in Nature Meditation: A Simple and Effective Way to Be in the Moment”

  1. Loved this Tahlia… thank you so much!
    And I literally just opened your post and read this after perusing my daily copy of the New York Times. In today’s issue there was a feature about how talking therapists are taking to the woods with their clients, where they are freer and more relaxed to open up and the therapy ends up being more effective as a result.
    Dare I say Losar Tashi Delek for Saturday coming! 😉
    I’m so “post-Rigpa” now and as you say the religion is gone but the dharma remains!
    Still reading all your stuff here and thank you again for all your support during the “fall”.
    All the best from Europe! 😉

    1. Thanks s omuch for your comment, Ann. Without comments I really have no idea whether what I’m posting about my own journey is resonating with others or not, so it’s lovely to hear how it is for you.

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