The letter was written to Sogyal Lakar. A copy of the letter was shared with longterm Rigpa students, and some senior Tibetan Buddhist lamas. We have not shared it publicly or with the media.  Sharing the letter publicly is a violation of the wishes of the signers.

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  1. Hi The email said it was being sent to DM students like me.  I thought it came from those who signed it but wanted to double check. Now it appears it did not. 
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    1. It did come from DM students like you, the ones who signed it. I don’t know what gave your the impression otherwise. Thanks for checking.

  2. I don’t know who it went to, other than those listed initially on the receiver list. You can be sure that it’s not my business to forward it to anyone. We do know that anything that goes out in an email can end up anywhere; that’s a fact of the day.

  3. Hi.. Just thought I’d mention…. I found this What Now WordPress group while searching freely on Google. So it appears anyone can view it along with the other posts listed at the bottom of this page.

    1. Thank you for letting us know. The site is set to be hidden from search engines, although this is not 100% failsafe.

  4. That’s pretty naive to think this Letter would not go public in this internet age. It is already on public websites. And newspapers are publishing articles about it. Thank you very much well, done.

    1. I am checking the news daily about what´s going on about R and SR and there is only little news in public. Most is published in the Netherlands, but the wohle thing is happening calm and quiet and there is no big headline or scandal – at least in my eyes. So everyone is obviously not interested in giving interviews or something like that.

  5. This has been an extraordinary unveiling. Such deep gratitude to the many Rinpoche’s who are supporting, SR, advising and making prayers. To those who had the courage to bring transparency. To those who have had the courage and continue to share their suffering. Thank you to those who share their limitations and their requirements for reviewing and requesting new paradigms. It’s deeply heart warming and reassuring, to see people bringing the Teacher, the teachings and the training that they have received to heart. How fortunate for everybody. This world is a stunning ground for learning about suffering and how we can support others in it. What has been shared and revealed is nothing less then the Lions heart, the heart of devotion, it is so alive and well. Devotion doesn’t have to mean silence and denial, it means, let’s get into the mud and bring up the lotus. Lets get into the mud, swashbuckle around in it and see what arises. The courage to experience and explore deep traumas and to dismantle them is as the Aboriginals Say “DEADLY” in a good way. This is So totally reassuring. So grateful. May all our genuine appreciations and practice continue to ROAR !!!!!!!! It’s been a a genuine human field of unfolding. All the sharing’s are like golden tear drops. So grateful

  6. I think that it is important that the letter is shared publicly – I appreciate that you may wish to keep this website private and the FB group as it’s good to be able to share a safer space to talk and share about this.
    However, I only found it via Facebook as someone ‘reacted’ to it.
    Am ex – R and removed myself from all mailing lists etc two years ago. I’m not comfortable with sharing it on Facebook as my ‘friends’ on social media don’t know about this part of my life however it’s such a relief to think that I may be able to talk about this with people that have a shared experience, finally.

    1. Seconded.
      This needs to be public.
      Why are we hiding? Because we’re still under the spell, afraid of the samaya hell.
      But then, what about reality?
      What will happen next is that a bunch of students will leave Rigpa, as has happened in waves before, after previous scandals. This is not SL’s first time to the rodeo.
      Sogyal will retreat temporarily, get more lamas to talk about devotion and guru yoga, then come back after those who left are forgotten.
      The cycle repeats.
      This really really sucks that we go duped, but at this stage, it’s got to be about others. There’s a fucking retreat happening now. How many new women do you think Sogyal will pick out this time? How many more minds destroyed?

      1. May be it’s a bit early to point that out, but in order to save and heal R as an organisation, i see no other way than that SL abdicates. Full stop! There will be no other possibility if real change shall happen. SL knows that very well, so he is cheating around, playing the retreat and dying card etc…. To me the response of SL is a bad joke! If you analyze it a little, it sounds more like a threat. He doesn’t take responsibility, he doesn’t address the topics, he doesn’t show any regret, he is just talking about himself. It’s typical narcisstic, it’s just a huge insult. Recently i talked to some lama friends of another lineage, they know him and have a healthy distance, they said that to them there is not the slightest doubt that SL is a psychopath, and meanwhile i see it the same way… So if SL stays, at the end nothing will change, it’s just that quasi-stalinistic regime that OR spoke of…
        …it should be love…

        1. Ken Holmes from the Kagyu Samye Ling monastery made public an important post:

          “My contribution, or advice, is to watch one’s own mind and comments during this time, if you aspire to the bodhisattva path. The advice is clear: not to rejoice in someone else’s fall or retribution and to have as much compassion for the victimiser as for the victims. Also not to spread gossip for gossip’s sake.”
          It’s ok to let it settle a bit more, but to take no action at all, makes us all continue to be complicit. That’s not gossip for gossip’s sake.
          “Exactly 40 years ago, the XVIth Gyalwang Karmapa predicted this. It is why Akong Rinpoche, to whom the 16th had spoken directly about Sogyal and one or two other lamas, would never have connections with Sogyal or let Samye Ling make connections. People thought this extreme at the time and said it was personal jealousy.”

          1. Very interesting, thank you for that! I agree, it’s just not possible to do nothing, it’s absolutely not about gossip here…
            I want to remark here, that i personaly don’t feel any hatred for Sl, almoust the opposite, somehow i feel sorry for him, it’s so sad, he’s got so many good qualities. But when you always focuse on the good qualities and the benefit he has brought, you can easily forget about the negative, and there is really a very dark side he has…
            And all that suffering of all those people, so unnecessary, so needless…
            And then, do we need to reinstall an oldfashioned tibetan feudalistic system here and now?
            Aren’t our democratic structures here in the west, which enable organizations like R to function, as imperfect as they might be not really an accomplishment for what so many people have fought and even died? No, we don’t need that, we are fed up with violence and brutality, this is not the way we want to live, it’s not the way we want to get “teachings”, it’s not the way we want to practice Dharma, this is not, what we and our parents and our forefathers have fought for…
            …it should be love…

    2. Thank you, Sarah. I’ll let the signers of the letter know of your request. You are welcome to join us in the What Now? Facebook Group, where you can talk about this with people who have a shared experience.

      1. Yes, your Letter is very important for the public, for a reason which you see to forget to consider: that S is by far not the only one! That there are many similar, even worse cases of Buddhist gurus misusing their positions and harming their followers’ bodies, minds and trust in Dharma. And the problem is that similar complains, published articles, even asking worldly authorities did not solve anything. As soon as the solution does not come from the inside, the Buddhist lineage itself, all other criticisms will be shown (by the harming guru and his faithful) as just a “witch-hunt”, as “demonic forces”, as “jealousy” and wish to “make obstacles to the Dharma” etc. And to the Buddhist lineage to start to deal with these alarming cases of shameful rinpoches and gurus, there must be publicity and transparency. So please, I understand that you wished to keep it hidden, and just an “internal issue” of Rigpa, yet it is not that case. There are much more S’s in the West and East, whose victims need your encouraging Letter to get the courage and stand up for Buddha’s real teachings, which are breached by unreal teachers… Me, as one of such non-Rigpa victims of non-SL Buddhist gurus, was very happy to see your Letter, and I can tell, it is returning my faith and hope. Please do not think that making it public people would accuse you of wishing to publicly shame the perpetrator. Everyone with a healthy ethical stand would easily understand that this is another case. Here, dozens of naive students had been regularly publicly ashamed, harmed physically and mentally, by SL. This gentle, polite and pragmatic Letter written by 8 members could not even get near to balancing the burden of harm and public shame that all those students had to suffer from SL. There is no bad intention in publishing the truth! Because it can save many others from coming to become his victims, already from July 14! And because it can encourage the victims of other, similarly harmful gurus, to speak out and stop the tradition of harming.

        1. I’m so sorry you’ve been harmed, Kali. Thanks for your support and encouragement. I understand your perspective, for sure. The Letter has been getting some public exposure.

  7. Hi There,
    here some – hopefully helpful – thoughts for those who may be in emotional trouble now.
    But first a short technical hint to the operators of this Site: I am in Search Engine Business and because of my experience, I would strongly recommend to use robots.txt to be sure the page is not indexed. Meta Noindex ist sometimes ignored by Google, whereas he strictly obeys the commands in robots.txt.
    Now to the issue: I have been with Rigpa for 24 Years and just declared my immediate termination. It took me 2 days to rid myself from any self doubts and shake off any unclearity.
    Do I feel bad with not having seen the stuff, that was going on? Not at all: the Teachings were absolutely wonderful, many great Lamas including H.H. Dalai Lama, H.H. Trizin, Garchen Rinpoche came by and expressed their gratitude, trust and admiration to S, his work and the Sangha. In addition, S. always showed greatest devotion and respect to his masters. The sometimes robust “teachings” of close students have been again and again explained to us with being in total accordance with their free will, and that tose students gave their explicit agreement and it was stated again and again that they had greatly profitized from it. Also i have witnessed individuals that have been adressed by S publicly and strongly (but not in a humiliating way), grew strongly an increased their potential. So there was for my perception no real chance to see the abyss behind the scenes. One could argue that the first incidence that was dicussed in Rigpa years ago, could have been investigated more thouroughly. Ok. Maybe. But it was presented in a way by Rigpa Seniors that a real judgement seemed impossible. Personally I didnt want to be part of speculations at that time, knowing that rumors in the web can roller-coaster very easily.
    Do I feel I cannot trust myself? Not at all! I am absolutely proud of having the openess and the interest in Knowledge, the Wisdom-Culture of Tibet that made me relate to Rigpa, stay through personal “risings” and also have the flexibilty to relate to strange situations and persons as long as there is something interessting to learn.
    Do I feel threatened by the Samay-Gun? Not at all. I personally think that, if you want to believe in that concept, the one who should worry about it is S, since he obvisouly used the concept to silence his consorts.
    In Brief: I think S. terribly lost track and has totally fallen prey to worldly temptations: greed, power, sex. This is in total opposite to what he stated so often ” it doesn’t go to my head”. Yes it did S! Do i feel responsible? Insofar that I immediately took consequences to detach from Rigpa completely, as things are revealed, out in the open and obviously true. I also want to state, that i dont want to share my spiritual path with those who cannot or don’t want to see the obvious, that the behaviour of S. – that has been desribed in the letter – which I believe to be true – is totally in opposition of dharma and cannot be explained away with pure awareness and other stuff. I regard the only reason for behaving like that, ist to avoid having to look into the nasty truth. And – very important – because of a lack of trust in the own intuition. Plus I clearly want to distance from those, who keep the abusive system going.
    Do i feel weakened by it? Not at all. Since I was on the brink of detaching anyway, since S. seemed to be increasingly frustrated to me in the last years (which, i think, does hint to some fault or a lack of practise), i think i can trust my intuition even more. For me the quintessence is, that my inuition (nature of mind, inner master or how you want to call it) had led me perfectly through the years and it will always. I also want to state, that no one should think to be immune against manipulative systems. If you look into samsara, there are lots of real intelligent people, falling prey to subtle manipulative concepts all over the place. I think we have a special opportunity here and can learn a lot from that scandal! To increase our trust in our intuition and sharpen our wisdom of discernment!
    Do i condemn S? Not at all! He contributed in such a magificient scale to the wellbeing of many people – I personally witnessed that. I simply think, “it went to his head” at some point and out of his afflicted emotions he also hurted people badly and disgraced himself terribly. I absolutely agree with H.H. Dalai Lama to make a clear distinction between the person and the action. The enemies are the negative emotions, not the person.
    Finally I want to express my gratitude and respect of those who went public, following their intuition. I also want to express my deep compassion to those who have been used and exploited and have not been helped by us, the sangha. I am very very sorry and feel it. Next time I do better!

    1. Thanks for sharing your perspectives on this, Frank. Wishing you the very best on your unfolding path.

    2. Yes indeed, a sharpening of our discernment is what we should get from our spiritual path, not a lessening of it. I too don’t want to walk the path with people who refuse to see the truth. Surely the path is about seeing the truth, not obscuring it.

  8. “In 1994, lama SR in California was charged with sexual abuse of a woman named Janice Doe. Criminal prosecution was bought by paying a substantial damages to the woman.” – Source: Buddhist Daily Newspaper, October 2012.
    That was the time for me to leave Rigpa. But then it was already widely known that SL had student relationships, and then he treated his staff harsh (clearly visible during the 3-month retreat of 1993 I attended). The inner circle around SL and he himself began to teach a lot about “karmic perception” in the time around the charge (it is not due to the teacher, it is due to your own karma when you don’t agree with this kind of teacher’s behavior). And then it was said by the inner circle that it was the woman’s problem that she did not “understand” what crazy wisdom means in the deepest.
    Even then this case opened old wounds of long-time students. Because the teacher had had affairs with female partners of male students, without ever apologizing.
    It made me feel sick.
    We are talking about something a lot worse than the proverbial donkey who meets the same stone for the second time.

    1. Thank you very much, i find this very important, because it’s recalling, what all this is about…
      …it should be love…

  9. I feel that he should be asked to step down for good. It is cowardly that S went into ‘retreat’ rather than facing his students directly and taking responsibility. There is something terribly wrong with his mental state; he needs to get professional help and should no longer be in a position of power. The students need to take a giant step back and properly analyze what is acceptable, the distance will give clarity. Why does S remind me of Trump?!
    When in a situation for so long, the students and organization begin to justify and accept what would otherwise be unacceptable and terribly abusive behavior… manipulation, threats, all in the name of dharma which is a tragedy. Dharma is supposed to free us from suffering, ironically S added to many a people’s suffering. I pray the pure dharma prevails and that students don’t lose faith in the teachings themselves. There do exist solid, safe, trustworthy, honorable, upstanding, honest, compassionate, authentic and learned lamas to turn to. Don’t give up the dharma. Just stand up for yourselves and know you deserve the best on this path.

  10. I’m an outsider to Rigpa and Sogyal, but wanted to express support and gratitude. For several years I participated in Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s group (Siddhartha’s Intent), but parted ways from it due to Dzongsar’s support for Sogyal (and also Trungpa), which was a deal-breaker for me. If memory serves, he taught at Rigpa centers on a regular basis. I looked on his Facebook page the other day to see if he had any comment, but no–he seems to be keeping his head down, just as he did during the ethnic cleansing of Bhutan’s Nepali-speaking population. (Buddhism, I’ve noticed, tends to be ethically useless.) Incidentally, a female acquaintance once told me that she had told Dzongsar of her experiences with Sogyal, which were abusive in nature. Dzongsar, she said, told her to keep it quiet.
    More generally, although I continue to be attracted to many aspects of Tibetan Buddhism–perhaps out of lingering Orientalist fantasy–I no longer find it possible to belong to the religion in any meaningful way. There is no community that I trust, at least not where I live, and even the best of them are based on authoritarian leadership structures. Much of the dogma (like reincarnation, and the idea of identifying reincarnated lamas) is designed to bolster the political aspect (tulkus). So what’s left? Just a pleasing aesthetic ambiance, like the Grateful Dead? Some highblown philosophy? (Is being a Buddhist like being a Platonist?) Other, non-Tibetan forms of Buddhism come with their own problems, like the genocide of the Rohingyas in Burma. I’m beginning to regret ever getting involved with Buddhism, and yet I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without it.

    1. I think we can take the core values and practices without having to ‘belong’ to any organisation. Like Christians who never go to church or identify with a particular sect. I’d like to investigate whether or not the beliefs that lead to this nonsense are issues with the Vajrayana itself or rather with the Tibetan cultural baggage that got added on as the years passed after it’s initial introduction into the country. Of course, we’ll probably get rid of that only to add our own Western junk anyway. The one lama only idea is a recent addition apparently. Started with Trungpa.

    2. Dearest Zla ód
      So sorry about Your disappointment in Buddhism. But true examples did live up to the teaching of the Buddha himself und one can see that in their actions.
      Its so much wisdom in what the Buddha taught and beyond any religion.
      Its just about understanding Your own mind and making Yourself and others happy.
      Maybe we all should really go back to the Buddha himself, what he taught and study that.
      Even Jesus was a good Buddhist indeed. Its about love, as Yamantaka says.
      All the best to You and lots of love.

  11. All these Tibetan lama’s are the same, all they want is women, money and and people worshiping them – they’re disgusting.

  12. I believe there are still some good ones. The problem is that there seem to be no decent organizations, no community that can be relied upon. For the life of me, I don’t see how this can be fixed. Maybe Tibetan Buddhism (at least as practiced among Westerners) is a fad, destined to dwindle and disappear with the passage of the Boomers and GenX’ers. Maybe it deserves to dwindle and disappear. Or maybe our (hyper-individualistic) “nightstand Buddhism” is our answer to Tibetan folk religiosity (think Mani chanting).

    1. I’m really wondering now who are the ‘good’ Lamas?! They just all seem to be involved in cover ups!!

  13. This is a total mess. The students need to write HHDL and request his direct intervention. S is too cowardly to put himself before HH and face the consequences. At present no one is monitoring this egomaniac who seems to have a very weak understanding of dharma himself, has no formal training, and managed to position himself so that no one would oversee him. The problem with the system now is there is no oversight of such people.
    This man is not a Rinpoche, I’m not sure you can even call him a lama (did he do a 3 year? doubtful) and definitely he is not a monk. He is a charlatan, a showman, a sex addict, a bully, a narcissist, wearing some costume and living the high life. Why did Rigpa never check carefully as to his actual dharma training? you cannot take his word for it. This is Rigpa’s error and now (and for decades) we have a man who is psychologically unwell heading up a massive organization to fulfill his sick fantasies using fear based tactics and manipulation to perpetuate it and prevent leakage. It’s appalling that Rigpa has covered up the previous allegations and turned a blind eye. why?
    They must have the courage to lose face…. they are in too deep and now it requires hip boots to wade through it while he skitters off into a so called ‘retreat’. And what woman will be helping him in that retreat I wonder?! It pains me to think about.
    So here is where someone like HH can set the stage for the future.
    -S needs to be ordered to step down/ be removed entirely
    -Other actual qualified lamas (appointed by HH ?) can carry on the teachings there and advise the students
    -someone with HH stature could provide oversight for first years
    Aside from S, I think the organizers of Rigpa have failed on many levels and have had many opportunities to address this in the past. At this point I think someone of high standing needs to take the reigns to oversee the future of the students. It is a heartbreaking situation and demands serious attention else people will lose faith in dharma. I’m not talking about an apology from S or promise that he’ll never do it again (who would believe that) but removal of his position entirely.
    Thank you to the 8 who wrote the very courageous and well written letter. That is the best thing they could have done for the masses, for the future of dharma.
    Just some thoughts.

  14. Thats it, totally clear, no wishy-washy , theres need the big cut of course, hello? Please all wake up, this man had his choice every day so many years, he choosed the dark side, every new day, he is obvious narcisstic in a very bad way. dont cling on your rigpa-dream, its over, you learned so much, come on, be grateful for the precious teachings he sold you, but please: dont stuck on this clever dharma-selling abuser, dont get fooled anymore.. And be happy you never reached elite status in rigpa management , because then you need therapy very very long…sandy, thank you very much for this clear, resolute and mature statement

  15. Thank you so much for sharing that, my heart goes out to you! I find this quite helpfull because it shows a particular pattern, once more it illumines this medieval aspect of “tibetan buddhism” as a whole…
    …it should be love…

    1. Thankyou Yamaintaka – it is difficult to overcome the ‘be silent or else…’ voice in one’s mind with these things.

      1. Yes, i know exactly what you mean, that is due to brainwashing, it’s a result of that “cult-pressure”, there is always this big samaya-and vajra hells club above your head, means your’e not free, but actually you should… And it seems to be almost impossible to get rid of that, because these are all “mind contents” you’ve been filled with again and again and again, and that is the psychological abuse, it’s calculated to keep you under the thumb…
        …actually it should be love…

  16. Solidarity. This will be fairly brief as i’m supposed to be doing something else right now! I can only imagine how such a careless response to contracting a disease, from the mandala in which you’d put your faith would shatter your trust in the Lama, despite all the good that you experienced.
    Maybe what’s needed is for a kind of voluntary peak body to be set up whereby all those concerned about abuses and lack of duty of care ( i think your illness falls into the latter category) in Tib Buddhism collaborate to formulate some standards and publicise them through a website etc. It could be created just for the Australian Dharma scene and if it was successful, it could be adopted internationally.
    Through such a body, those who have the time and some expertise could also then counsel people who were experiencing serious crises of faith due to perceived bad behaviour, abuse or some other genuine problem similar to what the R sangha has been through.
    I guess the overall goal of such a body would be to promote transparency and conduct that matches Buddhist values, from Dharma organisations operating in the West. If agreed, it could also speak out on horrendous violence inflicted by so-called Buddhist regimes on non-Buddhists with the aim of ethnic-cleansing: the Rohingas, the Tamils.
    For what it’s worth, DKBlue i also agree with you about DKR not acknowledging the plight of Nepalese refugees forced out of Bhutan. Such apparent lapses in inclusive Bodhicitta make me very sad. I don’t know why esteemed Lamas can’t speak out to show that compassion is for all, not just Buddhists. Actually i do know why, but we won’t go there now.

  17. That SL is going into retreat rather than face his students says everything about the man. His letter offered no real apology.
    I went to a retreat at Lerab Ling in 2001 and was shaken by his behaviour and his public belittling of a nun, who was forced to hold a candle offering with her arms raised until she was trembling with pain. He sat munching on offerings like a Roman emperor while she suffered. He seemed to enjoy the power and control he had as he humiliated her. In that moment my trust in the dharma started coming apart and I thought he was an abusive jerk. Which was a difficult feeling for me because I was really taken in by his public persona and his famous book.
    When you look at his online teachings and recordings all this stuff is edited out. I think those students in his communications department should take some responsibility for enabling him in this way.
    I also witnessed him agressively berating some of his ‘inner circle’ students behind some buildings and was shocked to see it. Beautiful girls from SL’s inner circle were suntanning topless at the pool, and making trips up to SL’s residence. I thought it was an ‘unusual’ situation for a retreat.
    The lavish amounts of food on groaning tables that were collected for ritual offerings and which were scattered in the woods afterwards made me wonder how useful this Rigpa sect was in really caring for those in need. What a colossal waste of good food when people in this world are going hungry. Not to mention the amount of plastic it was all wrapped in.
    SL also bullied people into taking refuge, announcing at the end of an Vajrakilaya session that everyone had “just taken refuge whether you like it or not.”
    I escaped to the top of the hill where the prayer flags were and made a firm commitment then and there to banish this man from my mind and to sever any links with him in my consciousness. You could say that his behaviour eroded my trust in the dharma and it has been a long slow decline since then.
    I spoke with another Rinpoche about this and all he said was : “That’s not the dharma.” I agree.

    1. So this sets the pattern, teach in the east for a few years, hang out in Thailand, then come back when it’s all died down. Exactly what he did after the ’94 lawsuit, stayed out of the US for a few years and then just continued business as usual.

  18. Thank you very much for that link! I looked at the video for not even one minute. I can neither see nor hear him anymore. Did you notice, that he was reading from the sheet what he was actually telling for decades? That really says something about his qualities, he did also 15 years ago, i remember… May be he’s also getting demented slowly, would not be the worst…
    Sorry, my respect has almost gone…
    …it should be love…

  19. He’s now in Thailand? Not a ‘retreat’ for ‘reflection’ that he was going on about doing due to his astrological signs pointing to obstacles (which he created thanks to the law of cause and effect) and that Rigpa officially relayed to the public? Huh.
    Well this retreat must consist of jetting off first class to Thailand with several of his women, staying in a 5 star suite, drinking and eating and cigar smoking all his hard working sponsors money away, getting a ‘special’ Thai massage twice/day, having sex with multiple women (probably Thai women too). It is so revolting and disgraceful to read of his ‘activities’ behind the closed doors all these years. This is no master. He has caused so much deep suffering, harm, unrest, and upset over the years; no great master would so much as cause a fly to suffer. It’s time for policing to happen, for legal consequences, for high level masters to speak up and stop this.
    To me there’ s a vast difference between lamaism and buddhism. The only authentic transmission this man can give to others is an STD.

  20. In the letter it states:
    “You have offered one of your female attendants to another lama (who is well known in Rigpa) for sex”
    Can anyone relay the lama’s name who was offered (and I’m assuming accepted) a female attendant from SL? This information should be transparent.
    Thank you.

  21. Wow very grateful to the authors of the letter. Agree with others that it needs to be public, which it is now anyway. I left Rigpa in Australia in 2005 for all the reasons discussed in the letter. I sent a letter to my city’s senior students, but it had almost no effect! There was less support or stories about others leaving back then. American Buddha Online was my main support, now only on web archive.
    It is disturbing how this abuse has been covered up for so long and how other lamas help to cover up the abuses in Rigpa, like Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche (as someone mentioned above in the comments). I respect what Matthieu Ricard said in his response the letter but I think HH the Dalai Lama needs to be more involved when this magnitude of damage is occurring in Tibetan Buddhism. I don’t believe it is courageous or compassionate to remain silent, even given HHDL’s traditional role and the “autonomy” of schools of TB. Although so old now, I think June Campbell’s interview with Tricyle Magazine back in 1996 encapsulates many of the reasons behind this abuse: We are still only beginning to address these issues.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Taxila. I’m sorry your letter to senior students didn’t have an effect. It is disturbing and complex. I hope all is well for you now.

      1. Thanks Serenity I very much appreciate your thoughts and this blog. It took a few years to get over the anger, but I can approach the situation with compassion now.

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