Commenting Guidelines and Moderation

Why we’re here

This is a place for discussion on the matter of abuse in the Rigpa sangha. We follow the guidance of the Dalai Lama on making such issues public while still honoring the good we have received from our teacher.
It is our sincere wish for the harm to stop and for those who enter Rigpa to be aware of what they might encounter within that organisation. There is no intention to ruin Sogyal Rinpoche or Rigpa, only to hold him and the organisation accountable for any questionable actions. Although we oppose abuse, we still deeply appreciate all that we have received from Sogyal Rinpoche through his teachings, and we don’t deny that he is a brilliant teacher.
Posts are not intended to be scolarly, we are more interested in providing information and reflections that encourage deep reflection in students as they process the allegations of abuse in Rigpa and what it means for them.

Who we are

This blog has been set up by a group of past and present students of Sogyal Rinpoche. Moonfire is not one person, but many voices. We do not use our own names because some malign us for supporting those who spoke out about the abuse.

Commenting Guidelines & Moderation

This is a private blog, the owners have a right to maintain a positive atmosphere and remove people who don’t abide by the guidelines.
Please avoid:

  • harsh speech
  • personal criticism or attacks
  • aggression
  • sensationalism
  • inflammatory speech
  • spreading rumors
  • pushing an agendaThough we prefer not to have to moderate this conversation, individuals who engage in these forms of communication may have their comments removed without discussion – we don’t have time for arguments – and could be blocked from commenting on the blog.If you come across comments that don’t follow these guidelines, please use the comment form to let us know. In particular, attacks on Tibetan Buddhism are considered a breach of the guidelines. This is because, despite any limitations we see in any particular organization,  the majority of readers here have deep respect for Buddhism, and we wish to honour that point of view.  That does not mean that you can’t discuss its defects, but it does mean that in respect for the aim of this site which is to support Tibetan Buddhist practictioners, the positive aspects should be honoured as well as the negative. It’s all about tone; avoid agression and pushing an agenda.

We offer our support with the best of intentions. May you receive them in the same spirit.


The opinons expressed on this blog and in the comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of those who set up or administer the blog, therefore liability for opinons expressed falls on the person who expressed their opinion.

Be sure to check out the What Now? References page for links to a wealth of articles in the topics related to abuse in Buddhist communities. For links to places to assist in healing from abuse see the sangha care resources page.
More personal and private support for current and previous students of Rigpa can be found in the What Now? Facebook group. Please contact us via the contact page and ask for an invite. Please use the email address you use on Facebook.