The audio-visual webbook ‘Psychemagination: Journey into the Psyche’ is Finished & it’s for You

It’s check in and story time!

I’ve been very open about my processing of the revelations of abuse by Sogyal Rinpoche and the cult behaviour of those running Rigpa that many of us got caught in, but Beyond the Temple is all about where we go from there. So this post is a run down on where many of us are now, and where I am in particular – still sharing openly in the hope that it will resonate with others!

Where we’re going

Some of you have found a new Buddhist teacher, someone you feel you can trust, and/or you stay on the fringes, watching carefully for signs that something isn’t quite right. Others still practice Buddhism in one form or another but aren’t involved in a group. Others have given up all kinds of meditation and focus on simply living a good life of kindness to others, and some have turned to social justice. Some have turned to other traditions. Some have worked with psychologists to heal the trauma they suffered, or like me, to investigate aspects of themselves that Buddhist practice had us ignore. Some of us, like me, have turned to our art for our spiritual practice, and some of us, also like me, have discovered that we have ADHD or autism and that has sent us into another level of self-exploration.

I expect that a lot more of us are neurodivergent than we know because neurodivergent people are drawn to spirituality.

Self-examination through the lense of neurodivergence

When you discover – or suspect – that you likely have ADHD or autism or both – they often do go together – you look back over your life and see how it has impacted your life, and invariably people find that it explains a great deal about their life. Many also come across hidden childhood trauma, because neurodivergent people are often bullied and always misunderstood and commonly rejected by their peers. I went to a psychologist because of strange, violent outbursts I had when triggered by my family and discovered such trauma in myself as well as confirming my autism and revealing that I also had ADHD.

Healing the Inner Child

Buddhism and psychology

I discovered that psychology is an importrant adjunct to Buddhist practice if we’re to not bypass issues we should be looking at. I feel that they complement each other, but neither alone is adequate for a Westerner. Transpersonal psychology acknowledges the spiritual side of our nature, and I love the acceptance of the role of imagination in our psyche, but but so far as I can see, it lacks practices that lead into deep states of awareness in the way that Mahamudra and Dzogchen practice does.

Active imagination, art and the process of individuation

Active imagination refers to a process or technique of engaging with the ideas or imaginings of one’s mind. It is used as a mental strategy to communicate with the subconscious mind. In Jungian psychology, it is a method for bridging the conscious and unconscious minds. Instead of being linked to the Jungian process, the word “active imagination” in modern psychology is most frequently used to describe a propensity to have a very creative and present imagination. It is thought to be a crucial aid in the process of individuation.

In transpersonal psychology, ‘the process of individuation’ refers to the process that people go through as they achieve a ‘distinct, separate identity’. It’s not even close in concept to the idea of primordial awareness, but individuation is undoubtably a healthy place to be before undertaking dzogchen practice with its pitfalls for those without the clear boundaries that come with a healthy sense of self.

As I’m a very imaginative person (which is why Vajryana appealed to me), the active imagination process began to occur naturally with the AI generated art I was playing around with at the time I was investigating my childhood trauma and neurodivergence. I saw how my art was illustrating the journey I was taking into my psyche (where archetpyes abound) and how it was also stimulating that investigation.

Since I was creating audio-visual art, it seemed natural to take the next step and turn it into an audio-visual book. The result is Psychemagination: Journey into the Psyche, and it is now complete! Yay!

The Goddess Archetype

Psychemagination: Journey into the Psyche

Psychemagination: Journey into the Psyche is an illustrated hero’s journey kind of video-art story and a psychological and spiritual memoir written by me and set to original music by my talented husband, Kris Newland. A combination of art, video, music, and transpersonal psychology in mythic story style, it tells the story of a late-diagnosed autistic woman’s dive into her psyche to reflect on her life through the lens of neurodivergence. The cast of characters include many archetypal characters, including Persephone, Queen of the Underworld from Greek mythology.

Why it’s for you

Those of you who know me, have used imagination as a spiritual tool in Vajrayana and have followed my post-Rigpa journey should relate well to Psychemagination: Journey into the Psyche as it tells my inner psychological and spiritual story over the last 10 months. And if you’re into mythic tales and symbolism, fantasy imagery or maybe just dropped acid back in the day, then it’s perfect for you. Why should you bother to take a look? Because it’s psychospiritual, and isn’t that what we’re all interested in here?

How to watch Psychemagination: Journey into the Psyche

The full story is 3.5 hours of video set to really stunning music, and it’s in 5-30 min chapters, so you can watch it chapter by chapter. It’s in veritcal format designed to be watched on a phone or tablet – plug in your earbuds to get the best sound.

The first two chapters are on the homepage for free, but the rest, being very personal and about healing trauma, requires a small donation to get access. The full story is on The Journey into the Psyche Page. There you can watch the chapter videos one after each other from beginning to end.

The point of the payment is to help pay for the considerable cost of the software I use for the art and for the running the Psychemagination website (and this one), but also, it’s because something that speaks of personal psychological and spiritual experiences shouldn’t, I believe, be shared with those who are merely curious but only with those who will treat the story with respect. A payment creates a relationship with the author and shows you care enough about the contents to value it.

That said, if you really can’t afford AUD$8 and you really would like to watch the full set of videos, contact me through the contact form, and if I know who you are, I’ll give you the key for free.

So do take a look, and when you’re done, even if you only watch the first two videos, please do leave a review on the Review page.

Where has your psychospiritual journey taken you since 2017?

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